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Hi!  My name is Tammi.  I’m a recovering IT Systems Administrator.

I’ve been looking for new ways to entertain myself lately and trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up, if I choose to do so.  Interestingly, to me anyway, the things that fascinate me are the old things.  The archaic things many people don’t do anymore, and certainly “techies” don’t do them.

  • Film Photography? Why when you can shoot digitally?
  • A wet darkroom?  That’s so…. stinky.  And dark.
  • You grind your own grain, and you bake with it?  There’s a bakery down the street….
  • Sewing Machines?  Do they even make those anymore? Who sews nowadays?

I’m almost pathologically middle brained.  In almost every test I’ve ever taken, I score just a tiny little bit to the left, or a tiny little bit to the right.  Depends on my mood, or the wording of the questions.  (I’m also an INTP or an INTJ (Meyers-Briggs) strangely my M-B results have recently changed.  I’ve moved to an INFP,  again depending on mood and the questions being asked)

Things that challenge and excite me, and more importantly, keep my interest for long periods of time are the things that I can use both “sides” of my brain for.  Creative and Analytical.  All of the things I choose to blog about satisfy my whole brain.

I love to ferret out the arcane bits of knowledge, and share them with anyone who wants to know.  If I can make anyone’s life a little easier from what I’ve learned, or what I learn along with you all, there’s no better satisfaction to my mind.

Stormi says: “Now go read some content!!”


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  1. Holy Cow!! I didn’t realise that could be done! Thank You!

    The one I have is slightly bent, and dull, maybe I’ll take the time to straighten it if the needles don’t pan out, and then get the DH to sharpen it. Such a pretty lady to have gathering dust, though by the wear on her, she’s done her share of work.

    I suppose I should put a post up about her, it’s half written already for cryin’ out loud. 🙂

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