Been a Long time – a new quilting studio!

For the last several weeks, I’ve been virtually absent from both any sewing projects and the Internet.  Other than answering urgent emails and the occasional post on the QB, I just haven’t been dedicating the time.

Why?  I decided to reorganize the basement.  Previously, it was a dumping ground for everything we didn’t want to look at anymore, but didn’t have time to get rid of.  There were 15 years of company and personal financials down there.  There were 16 parts sewing machines, 9 sewing cabinets, our old TV, actually, our last 2 tvs, and all manner of other things.  In addition to this, the webserver that serves to you lives down there, as does my very neglected wet darkroom.  All of it had to be put in order, and fast.

Why?  As some of you know, I created a space crisis in the house.

How?  I traded up.  No, not Ryan.  😉

I sold the Juki and frame and put that money toward a brand new …. Kangaroo!

OK, not really.  (If you’re a QB’er and hang out in the Vintage and Antique Machine Enthusiasts section, you may get that reference. )

I bought a brand new APQS Lucey.  (That’s not me, that’s a stock image from APQS’ site. ;))

OMG.  There.  I said it.

Now that I’ve been to the Canadian Border Services Agency (Customs) at the Edmonton International to pay her bail (GST), she arrives today at “sometime after 3pm” today and this is the room she’s going into.

I present to you, my new quilting studio.

The before shots

I’m a little ashamed to say that yes, this is basically what the basement looked like.  We kept “meaning” to clean it up, but it took Lucey’s imminent arrival to actually make us do it. That light right above the TV in the photo on the right?  It’s homicidal.  It tried to kill me when we changed out all of the light fixtures, outlets and light switches.  I’m pretty hardy though.  It probably shaved one, maybe two years max off me.

IMG_0898  IMG_0900

The server got moved into the darkroom, which of course meant a complete rearrangement of the darkroom.   That slide cabinet in the photo on the right?  I swear it weighs 200 lbs.  I was trying to move it on my own, because Ryan had put his back out.  It took everything I had and then some.  Slide cabinet my rear end!  I even took a running start at it at one point.  It did NOT slide!!

IMG_0950 IMG_0951

The “during” shots

An interim shot of the Juki frame in Lucey’s spot.  I had no sooner moved it down here and set it up when a lovely lady from Saskatchewan made contact via my Kijiji Ad.  The Juki has since gone to live with her.  It seems it’s making its way across Canada one province at a time.  The frame was made in BC, it’s lived in Alberta for 5 years, now it’s in Saskatchewan. 🙂

IMG_0975 IMG_0976

The “after” shots

After a little more set up and the Juki left, here’s Lucey’s corner.


A couple of underexposed shots of the view of the room from Lucey’s point of view:  (Those cabinets all go against the wall when I’m not using them to sort out files.  When I’m sorting, they become a “command center”, and 4 of them will be going to donation somewhere this weekend.)

IMG_1006 IMG_1007

And a closer shot of the Queen Anne chair that I picked up out of freecycle for the studio. Queen Mab… uh… I mean Queen Stormi loves it.


And now, I leave you to go do the happy toddler dance.  I just heard the doorbell. penguin


Edit at 5:45pm:  Oh! Did you want to see her??  😛

I got her inside before Ryan got home.  That’s  almost too much weight for one person to manhandle into the basement.

The rails had to go in through the window, they couldn’t make the corner at the bottom of the stairs.  Good thing a cop didn’t drive by, there were crowbars and everything involved!

Install is on Tuesday, unless I lose my mind and do it myself before then.




Today’s post is brought to you by Double Trouble – the Album: Been a long Time –  This is a cover of Rock’nRoll that they did with Susan Tedeschi.  She’s also an excellent vocalist.

6 thoughts on “Been a Long time – a new quilting studio!”

    1. Thanks Virginia! Normally I wouldn’t be able to wait that long either, but today I had a class at Sparrow, and I have another one tomorrow, and then Monday is our regular sewing circle (and a well deserved chiropractor appointment!), so really, I wouldn’t have had a lot of time with Lucey anyway before Tuesday. This way, Matt will put her together, install my leader grips and everything will be perfect for me to start bonding with her. I think I’ll make him cookies. 😉

        1. Hey Virginia, Yes!! Matt Sparrow was here to set her up today. She’s lovely. She’s also a big girl! I didn’t leave quite enough space for her, so I had to rearrange a little. She’s all ready for me to quilt up a charity quilt tomorrow now. I loaded it, and started some stenciling on it, then it was dinner time. Once I sat down, I was done for the day!

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