I remember you – all of my pop culture references in one place

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a bit.  In fact, you may have seen me accidentally post it a month or so ago in its unfinished form.   A few times, I’ve alluded to the fact that many of my posts have a pop culture reference in the titles.  This is a list of those posts and links to their references on youtube.

And no, I don’t expect this to be one of my most popular posts at all. 😉

This one is more of a “Get to know me” post than a “let’s get greasy with Tammi” post.

Uh.  That sounded less weird and less vaguely creepy in my head….

There’s a lot of diversity here for a number of reasons. 

One of the jobs I had as a young adult was as a DJ – yes, actual records but mostly CDs, and I sang in a couple of bands when I was in high school.    Music was probably what kept me sane as a teenager, and was definitely my first love.  I wore out more walkmans, stereos and headphones than you’d believe.

The song I used as the title for this post was the song I sang when I went and picked out my wireless microphone – A Nady for the musically inclined.  I’d originally planned on getting the SM-58 head with it, but I liked the sound of the stock head better.  I used that mic in bands and also as a DJ.  I still have it in the basement with my guitar.  I saved all of my money from working at Baskin Robbins to get that mic. 🙂

I remember walking into the demo room, the salesman setting the mic up and letting me go.  I remember the rush I got from his “wow!” when I was finished.  I loved the feeling of being on stage too, but I haven’t been since shortly after high school.  I think the only thing that may come close is riding a really twisty deserted road on a motorcycle.  Both of them are things that can’t be described, they have to be experienced.

I still listen and sing along though, all the time.  There’s always music playing here, though these days it’s more blues rock than hard rock.  I still love the Rock of my teens though. 😉

If you consider that only No comment and First Date were unfamiliar to me before I wrote the articles, I wonder if you can tell which two decades my teens and twenties were spent in.


  • http://www.archaicarcane.com/oops-i-did-it-again/ – OK, so this is definitely not a favorite song, or even one that I like, but it IS pop culture. In fact, I’m not going to even link to this one.  If you want to watch the video, it’s a Britney Spears song.






















  • This post – I remember you – Skid Row.  The vocalist (Sebastian Bach) in this band actually earned the respect of the operatically trained vocal teacher I studied with.   (Warning – SB isn’t to everyone’s taste.) This is the song of theirs that most likely qualifies as “suitable for all audiences”.


From here on out, I’ll just detail what it was at the bottom of each new post. 🙂  And from here on, it will only be pop culture references that personally affected me.

Pssst! I'd love to hear what you think about this!