Classes and guild presentations

Depending on enrollment – group classes can be arranged at a venue other than AA’s studio.

Vintage Sewing Machine maintenance class

Subjects covered include:

  • How to thread any machine
  • Troubleshooting – Recognizing problems you can solve and problems a specialist should look at
  • Tension
    • Why we need to look at it and why automatic really isn’t
    • How to adjust it from a user’s point of view and from a repair point of view
  • Tools and helpers
  • Cleaning – including some simple dis-assembly – what to use, what not to use
  • Common adjustments – belts, bobbin winder guides, etc
  • An understanding of lubricants – what to use, what not to use
  • How and what to oil, where to use grease and where to use oil
  • Checking motor brushes
  • Foot Pedal Maintenance, cord replacements
  • Basic restoration of the appearance of the machine
  • It’s stuck, now what!?!?
  •  Timing – what it is, what it isn’t

Tension Tamers Class

Subjects covered include:

  • Why care about good tension
  • Basic threadology – cross wound vs stack wound, thread delivery.
  • Cotton vs Poly – properties and requests from the museums
  • Basic good practices
  • Thread any machine
  • Why tension needs to be addressed and why automatic isn’t – aka Permission to “touch that”!
  • What does a tension problem look like?
  • Approaching tension in a rational repeatable way
  • How to read a test sew
  • How, when and why to adjust tension
  • How tension problems affect machines. (Symptoms)
  • What could it be if it isn’t tension?
  • Maintenance
  • serger tensions

Quilt Guild talks on the History of the Sewing Machine, Antique and Vintage sewing machines.

Custom classes or presentations are available for your group.

  • Pick  and choose items out of the above classes or add a few not mentioned to fit a time slot.

Interested in what we can do for you?  Hit that “Contact” link at the top right of the page or give us a phone call at:  780-504-5352 (Please remember we’re in the Mountain Time zone, so please! No 3 am phone calls!)

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