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Sand slipping through my hands – A 5 month update

I just realized it’s been nearly 6 months since I updated the blog.
I apologize for that everyone!  It’s  been a really up and down several months.   I thought I’d update you on some of the larger points. Continue reading Sand slipping through my hands – A 5 month update

Review: Clover Wonder Clips

This past week, I had more time than I think I’ve ever had to sew. I’ve been babying my lower back this week, because the last time I thought it was “good enough” (last Friday), I set my recovery back a week, at least.    So with time at the computer limited, and no lifting sewing machines, I decided it was time to finish a number of UFOs.   This seemed a good opportunity to put the wonder clips through their paces.

Most of my UFOs are not quilting projects.

  • I’ve had 2 pair of jeans sitting on my desk for a couple of months that need hemming.  They’re not even marked.
  • Then there are the “thundershirts” for all of our furry creatures.
  • The one quilted project is another featherweight case liner for yet another featherweight (there are 3 in total in the house)

So on to the performance of the Wonder clips. Continue reading Review: Clover Wonder Clips

Hello Kitty! Update on the queen

It occurs to me that I forgot to update you readers on how Stormi’s been doing. Back in November, I posted about some problems she had, and a new diagnosis of CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease), and a change of vets.

Stormi suggesting that it’s a good time to take a break. A nap break.

She’s doing Really Really well. 🙂 Continue reading Hello Kitty! Update on the queen

Update: The queen’s on the mend

I know that I mentioned in a previous post that I was planning some time to post, but life got in the way.  Last weekend, we were watching a movie on the couch, when I noticed one of our kitties squatting in the corner.  Uh oh.  I picked her up and dropped her into her litter box, but she came out and squatted again.

mmmmm, Greenies!!

Continue reading Update: The queen’s on the mend