Announcement – Online shop closure – maybe?

Earlier this weekend, I posted on Facebook that I was closing the shop here at Archaic Arcane.  I guess I worded it poorly and some people thought that I meant that Archaic Arcane was going away altogether.  Let me clarify.  This is not the case! is going away as of December 31, 2018.  Only the online shop.

That’s all.  I’m still servicing machines. I’m still teaching classes.  I’m still making videos.  I’m still posting up here on the site as time permits.  All of the patterns that I had in the shop are still available at Craftsy Yup.  Not even a week after I posted this, Craftsy punted about 90% of its designers off its site – me included.  As of now, I’m taking a step back to evaluate how I want to continue to make patterns and possibly parts and classes available.  It may mean a resurrection of the shop after all.  In the meantime, if you need anything from me, go ahead and hit that “Contact” link in the upper right corner and we can talk about what you need. 

I made this decision for a few reasons: Continue reading Announcement – Online shop closure – maybe?