A little wizardry – overdue maintenance on Archaic Arcane

Last week, support for the operating system on the computer that brings you ArchaicArcane.com was discontinued.  This is not unlike when Microsoft said no more XP.

What this means for AA is that I need to do some behind the curtain maintenance before I can do the on-stage updates.  I’m working on many things at once and you’ll start to see some posts hopefully this month.

The server and a quilt I was working on last month were the top priorities keeping me away from the site.  Now though, I have lots to say, I just need to take care of the server first so you can read about it when I tell it! 🙂

This update is happening in a staged rollout.  I’m moving everything to a backup server that I’ve built and largely configured.  Once, everything is there (it’s currently about 85% complete), I will build the main server.  This is happening because I want to minimize downtime and I need to reuse a little of the main server’s hardware.

Why am I announcing that I’m not making any posts for a bit? 😉

There will be some outages, hopefully none as long as the outages we had in the last month when drives started failing in the main server but there will be some.  I have the process written down and it’s step by step now, so hopefully it will be 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there but if you start noticing things missing or not working, please let me know – either here or via email or via facebook.   I can only fix what I know about.

Once I’m back though, I gotta tell you about this:

20150404WeeOneDecaled01  20150404WeeOneDecaled02

5 thoughts on “A little wizardry – overdue maintenance on Archaic Arcane”

  1. She is so pretty! Nice to have you here! Will look forward to updates in the future, thanks for the tour of yor shop neighbour very neat!

    1. Hey Lynda! Thanks for coming by! I always like company. 🙂 Now that I’m catching up on things, I’m hoping to get some more posts too.

    1. She is, isn’t she? There’s something about that color too that it looks different in many lights. That’s the studio lights, I bet outside would be really interesting too.

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