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Learning how to fly with a broken wing – Taking care of myself after the damage is done

A personal diary/ accountability type of post today folks.

Please note: there are a lot of links in this post but none are affiliate links. They are all informational and to support what I’m saying in the post

For years, I’ve dealt with food allergies and gaining or having difficulty losing weight. It never got out of hand but I could feel how the extra weight made sports harder and I was a lot more tired than I should be after relatively little exercise. And getting the energy up TO exercise? Yeah, that becomes a vicious circle. Add to this a couple of compressed disks in my back and it’s a recipe for a sedentary lifestyle.

Lately even lifting a vintage sewing machine has become cumbersome. Continue reading Learning how to fly with a broken wing – Taking care of myself after the damage is done

Is there life out there?

I found this post yesterday while going through my drafts.  It’s about 4 months old, but I thought it still worth posting.  🙂  Today, the garden’s a disaster area – the rhubarb overtook everything, the zucchinis may have routed it finally, the tomatoes are enormous, the peppers are hot as h… well you know, and our Oregamint* is going like gangbusters.

*Oregamint.  What happens when you plant Oregano and mint too close together.  It seems that they might be cross breading, because some days I can’t tell which one I’ve picked.  Makes for some weird Mojitos and spaghetti both.  Works fine in salads though…

May 5, 2013

Yes!! Finally, yes.  Winter hopefully has taken its last kick at us, with the 4 – 6″ of snow we got on Monday (Ryan was driving in a whiteout while the radio stations were reporting “light flurries”), I’m officially so done with Winter, I may up and move if I see any more flurries in the next 6 months.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for tenacity, but I think it’s time for spring.

What better way to show that spring has arrived, and “life” is out there, than spotting these in the garden?

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diet and Diets – small D vs big D

My dad’s a personal trainer. He’s looked at most of the diets, and typically has the same thing to say about all of them

Here’s what I’ve grown up having drilled into my head:

  • Your brain needs carbs to function. It cannot digest protein for food. This does not mean all carbs all the time. This does not mean white flour and empty carbs. Those are not proper nutrition for your brain or body. But you cannot unilaterally cut carbs out of your diet.
  • All carbs are not equal. Continue reading diet and Diets – small D vs big D

Food Articles to Come

  • Why grind your own wheat?
  • Is all wheat bad for you?
  • Are we smarter than mother nature?
  • Recipes I’ve adapted and recipes of my own
  • Experimentation – Cook Along with Tammi, what worked and what didn’t
  • Kamut Flour, one of my favorites, what to use it for

Anything else you want to see?  Post a comment and I’ll try to get to it.