Due to time constraints I am often unable to reply to requests for free help in a particularly fast time frame. Especially particularly involved requests. My current (Aug 2017) reply time is about 10 days. I do however read everything that you send me via this form. Many times questions that are asked via this form are similar or the same as other people have asked and if so your question is likely to become a Reader Mail post.

If you would like to book some paid time with me, please indicate that in your message.

Also, if it’s applicable – please tell me what state, province and country you’re in by filling in the Location field below – this is an optional field and unnecessary for anything that doesn’t involve me traveling or shipping anything to you. For instance, requests to come teach or shipping parts.

Further to that, as of August 2017, we are unable to travel more than the distance of a day trip from the Edmonton, Alberta area due to geriatric pets requiring us at home. When this changes, I will update the site – though understandably, I don’t wish for that to be soon.

Please double-check the email address that you enter in this form. If you don’t get a response in the time frame I mentioned above, it may be because you entered your email address incorrectly. I get a lot of these. There’s nothing quite like responding to a request with detailed information only to have it bounce back and tell you that your time has been wasted and the sender will think you rude in spite of your effort!

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