Followup to the Universal adjustable sewing desk

I had a couple of questions asked in PMs the other day on the Quilting board about the Universal Desk I built a couple of weeks ago, and am posting them here with permission.

when you have your machine in it… does your machine ‘vibrate’ backwards? I see you have a gap at the back/right side of it and am wondering if you have something you insert in there or if you just leave that spot open. (to the right of your wheel)

I haven’t had it move backwards. I don’t notice any vibration, but I did notice that the shelf liner does get a little messed up, so I picked up some cork board (with adhesive on the back) for a couple of bucks and will replace it. It will also dampen any vibration more than the shelf liner.

I just leave the spot open. This is pretty similar to the SewEzi table, and a few of the other tables I’ve seen in Googling around. I like it because I can easily plug things in without pinching cables. I dislike being able to “Store” my scissors down there by accident, but no table setup is perfect. 🙂 The gap is quite small with a 301 in place, for instance. I couldn’t think of a good way to make inserts for the right side for every machine without going a little crazy trying to keep straight what went with what.  Hmm,.. maybe a “draft dodger” would work…

also did you make different top ‘inserts’ to fit each of your machines or do you just have the one? (the white piece that is surrounding the machine) My machines are all different so I think I would have to make different ones for each one.

Yes, there are 3 inserts currently. One for the flatbeds that were all within 1″ of each other depth wise, and one for the Pfaff as an open arm, and one for the 222 as an open arm. This was most of the purpose of this desk. I wanted it “universal”.

Pfaff 6122 as an Open Arm, using the custom insert in the desk
Pfaff 6122 in flatbed configuration, using the custom insert in the desk

Singer featherweight 222 in flatbed configuration, using the custom insert in the desk


3 thoughts on “Followup to the Universal adjustable sewing desk”

  1. You put a lot of thought in that desk and it shows, I like it. You did a great job. My wife has only one sewing machine and a serger so hers is “L” shaped with 2 openings and not adjustable. One drawer 30″ deep I lined with half sections of plastic pipe (1/2 and 3/4 inch conduit from Home Depot) to hold all, no some of, her thread and bobbins.

    1. I really did like that desk. It’s since gone to another owner and I have V2.0 here. Since it’s mostly only had the Pfaff 6122 in it, the machine height isn’t adjustable but the inserts still work. 🙂 I’m really good at planning things that create work for myself. This and V2.0 have given me lots of bonding time with my router and other tools. I really like the conduit idea. I could see that working here too.

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