Rockstar – In my quilt studio!

Note: I’ve noticed lately that the photos in the posts look blurry and low quality.  This is not true if you click on them to look at them.  Until I figure out what it is that’s doing this, please click on the images to see them the way I intended for them to look for you.

As some of you may know, my APQS Lucey was delivered on November 1.  She waited patiently until November 5 for setup because when I bought the machine, part of the deal was for Matt from Sparrow Studioz to come set it up.   You also may know him as manquilter.  He’s a local quilting rockstar.

I loved this idea because I knew that she’d be set up, level and running perfectly with her leadergrips sewn in (and straight) before he left.  Sure I can probably service Lucey, maybe even with one eye closed, but it doesn’t mean I want to tinker like that all the time and certainly not right out of the box.  This was great peace of mind, and permission to be in creative mode, not techie mode right off the bat.

The wait was slightly agonizing.  Yes, I know those of you who have known me for years are thinking “Wow, that’s the understatement of the century!”  After all, I’m not known for my patience.  😉

That said, it was mostly “easy” to wait.  She arrived Friday, then Saturday and Sunday I had classes at Sparrow Studioz.  Monday, I had a white featherweight to service, a sewing circle (sometimes referred to as a “Stitch n B*tch”) to attend and a very well deserved chiropractor appointment.  Realistically, I wasn’t going to be able to set her up before Tuesday myself anyway.

Tuesday, though…  Tuesday was rough.  I swear there were 48 hours in that day before Matt showed up.  He and his father-in-law came by and set her up.  I made cookies.  When he left, I realised that she was sort of sticking out of her corner.  And that she wouldn’t fit in the corner I’d made for her, not with the setup of the furniture I’d done.  So….

Yup.  I did it again.  Rearranged the room.  It seems like I don’t even feel like I need to exercise these days with all of the furniture moving!

After about 3 weeks of settling in (only a little of that actual bonding time with Lucey thanks to 3 days of classes with Jamie Wallen, some spur of the moment renos to the bathrooms, and a lovely house guest – my friend Carolyn from Olds, AB), here’s what the room looks like today, and Lucey’s debut on Archaic Arcane. :):

My cute little “Stashette”. I’ve been called deficient because of it. 😉 Or people usually call it “cute” when they see it.
“Lucey” – she really needs a different name, but she hasn’t whispered anything to me yet. That chair…. I’m asking Santa for a saddle chair to replace it. It keeps coming unglued. I must remember to go get longer screws from the garage. The 1″ screws to hold the cross pieces just aren’t cutting it.
Lucey’s books, my inspiration books – Karen McTavish, Jamie Wallen, etc, quilting and sewing projects in the plastic bins, and of course tunes on that second shelf.
A closer shot of the Pfaff 130-6 on top of the bookshelf. She’s the first of likely 6 to come downstairs eventually for display. She works just fine, I just don’t have room for her at the moment.  That’s her cabinet with the Pinker on it, in a photo further down in this post.
The “guest area”. I’m told by my friend Carolyn that it was perfectly comfortable last weekend when she stayed so we could attend Jamie’s classes together. Quilt Inspector Shadow approves.
Lucey with my practice sammie loaded. My workhorse machine, the Pfaff 6122. Gotta love that IDT. The little cup on the desk holds empty cheerios. (used up pre-wound bobbins) It’s not nearly full enough. I will be rectifying that this week. 🙂 That whole cloth on the wall keeps fading, so I’m just going to have to quilt it and remove those blue lines since they don’t want to stay anyway.
The view from the “guest area”. Love those vintage cabinets on the south wall. They are such good work surfaces, and the drawers are a definite bonus! It also keeps the place “warm” looking. Love my Queen Anne chair! (When Queen Stormi allows me to share it with her)
The view from the panto side of Lucey. Moving the cutting table introduced a bit of a light problem, so I’ll be moving a light in from elsewhere, but it’s the only main change that should be happening from here for the foreseeable future.
Quilt storage. These are quilts waiting for me to get the practice Sammie off the frame. They’re ready to load – tops, batting and backing all ready to go. (Except for the poly, that’s the first layer of batting  for the wholecloth behind Lucey) I’ve changed out the hangers for proper quilt/drapery hangers since. Are they ever a lot nicer to load!
One of the practice sammies on top of the cabinet, charity quilt bits in the baskets at the top, quilts to prep on the hangers (Also changed out with quilt hangers), completed quilts at the bottom. The Antonius holds thread, needles, pegboard stuff, pantos and coreplast for folding fabric on and the cutouts for my “universal” sewing table.

OK, that’s it for today! I have to get off the computer and go down there and make a mess of that room!

Today’s post brought to you by Nickelback – Rockstar.   Love them or hate them, it’s a fun video. 🙂  They also have the “local rockstar” distinction as well. They’re from Alberta like we are.

6 thoughts on “Rockstar – In my quilt studio!”

    1. LOL! So you’re not a local Rockstar? I suppose I could change the title of the post to “some guy who allegedly quilts though I think he just travels all over the country selling quilting machines – In my quilt studio”…. That’s a terribly long title though.

      The love ’em or hate ’em is less what the post was about… it’s a fun video 😉 Name that “rockstar”.

    1. Thanks Michelle! It took some time shifting things around, but I think I’ve got the perfect setup now. 🙂 At least I better have, my back has served strike notice if I try to do it again. 😉 That Pfaff is gorgeous. Amazingly heavy, and the handwheel feels like bakelite!

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