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Been a Long time – a new quilting studio!

For the last several weeks, I’ve been virtually absent from both any sewing projects and the Internet.  Other than answering urgent emails and the occasional post on the QB, I just haven’t been dedicating the time.

Why?  I decided to reorganize the basement.  Previously, it was a dumping ground for everything we didn’t want to look at anymore, but didn’t have time to get rid of.  There were 15 years of company and personal financials down there.  There were 16 parts sewing machines, 9 sewing cabinets, our old TV, actually, our last 2 tvs, and all manner of other things.  In addition to this, the webserver that serves archaicarcane.com to you lives down there, as does my very neglected wet darkroom.  All of it had to be put in order, and fast.

Why?  As some of you know, I created a space crisis in the house.

How?  I traded up.  No, not Ryan.  😉

I sold the Juki and frame and put that money toward a brand new …. Kangaroo! Continue reading Been a Long time – a new quilting studio!

Well, I didn’t expect that….

I had a 301 brought to me last month.  I was told that it didn’t run.  That’s all I’d been told.  Strangely when I plugged it in, it ran just fine.   I told the owner I’d tune it up and get it back to them.

I did a basic clean up on it, then I started oiling.  I started at the top the way I always do.  I worked my way to the faceplate and cleaned and oiled in there.  Then I turned the machine on its back and got ready to clean and oil the bottom of the machine.

As I rocked it on its back, I heard the sound of “pieces” moving around with the inertia I’d created.


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