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Greased Lightning – Singer motor lube in Canada

Update 06-30-2016:  The latest batch of Singer Lube I received from the supplier is no longer suitable for use in Singer motors.  As such, I’m recommending the use of Petroleum jelly.

People far smarter than me are recommending it and White Sewing machine motors of the same time period used it.


Over the last few months, I’ve been hearing that Singer Lube / Lubricant / Motor Lube (S2129)  is getting really hard to find, especially here in Canada. This has been my experience as a consumer as well.  Walmart used to carry it, but no longer.  I believe that it may have been at Fabricland at one point.  Also, no longer.  With the loss of the Singer store in Edmonton, there were no longer any options I was aware of in my area. Continue reading Greased Lightning – Singer motor lube in Canada

Review: Clover Wonder Clips

This past week, I had more time than I think I’ve ever had to sew. I’ve been babying my lower back this week, because the last time I thought it was “good enough” (last Friday), I set my recovery back a week, at least.    So with time at the computer limited, and no lifting sewing machines, I decided it was time to finish a number of UFOs.   This seemed a good opportunity to put the wonder clips through their paces.

Most of my UFOs are not quilting projects.

  • I’ve had 2 pair of jeans sitting on my desk for a couple of months that need hemming.  They’re not even marked.
  • Then there are the “thundershirts” for all of our furry creatures.
  • The one quilted project is another featherweight case liner for yet another featherweight (there are 3 in total in the house)

So on to the performance of the Wonder clips. Continue reading Review: Clover Wonder Clips

testing threads

As I mentioned in a previous post, I intend to do a comparison between several  threads to decide which I like the best for piecing and quilting. I currently have 6 of the threads that I reviewed from a cost point of view, plus one spare (Sulky) that my rep at SMS asked me about, and I’m considering picking up the last 2, just for the heck of it.

Tomorrow, I’m headed out to get a couple of rulers (they’re on sale for  70% off at the local fabric shop – who can pass that up? As an added bonus, they sell one of the two threads I’m missing for this test) and some topstitch needles  so I will pop into the quilt shop at the same time and grab the MasterPiece. Over the next several weeks, I hope to review each thread, by making a set project that will require piecing, as well as quilting.

I’m thinking of using this Continue reading testing threads