The show must go on! Videos for you while I’m writing posts.

A short note tonight everyone!  About a month ago, I posted some new videos to YouTube and forgot to tell you all! 🙂

These three videos are on the slant machines but the bobbin maintenance one is applicable for pretty much any of the horizontal bobbin machines.  Heck, I’ve used the process on my embroidery machine. 😉

First:  I’ve had a few people say that the Slant upper tensioner is a little different to rebuild than the black machines.  That’s true to a degree – so I showed how to do it -including how to set the tension on these ones which is a little different in that it’s done a little earlier.

Bobbin maintenance.  This was a requested video.  Well, the person who requested it (Hi ibsoarin!! 😉 ) probably didn’t expect me to go on and on about it… There’s lots here… there may be a quiz at the end, so pay attention.    OK.  No quiz but still lots here.

The last one is a weird somewhat obscure problem that I’ve heard of 3 times now in the past 9 months or so?  Stitch selectors that slip out of place.  It’s a small adjustment but it’s counter-intuitive, so I thought I’d cover it.

OK,.. I’m off to break up a cat fight.  Visit to the vet day is always so exciting here!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or just have something you want to say! 🙂  I love hearing from you!


Today’s post title brought to you by Queen:  The show must go on!  A weird video (clips of other videos and some other footage mostly by the look of it) but Freddie Mercury’s voice is worth it.   And there’s a penguin in it.  How can it be bad with a penguin? 😀

It seemed fitting since it was take the queen to the vet day and all. 🙂

10 thoughts on “The show must go on! Videos for you while I’m writing posts.”

  1. Hello. Recently got a 403a and saw your upper tension video. On my machine, the tension release pin seems to be too short. When the footer presser is up, the pin doesn’t reach far enough to release the tension. Should I get a longer pin or do you think there is something else wrong? Thanks for your help.

    1. I definitely hear you on that Karen! I was terrified the first time I did it on my little featherweight. I felt sure I was going to ruin her forever. Now I take her apart several times a class when I teach the repair class. 🙂

  2. And the second video confirmed my suspicion that I my machine came with the wrong bobbin case! Mine has the second one like the 401. Is there a chance of finding the correct case? It took me three years to find the chain stitch plate. 🙁 Again, thanks for the video. You’re the best!

    1. Oh boy. That’s the hardest part to find. I have 2 of 3 pieces of the puzzle. Let me look tomorrow which 2 I have. It strikes me that my spares are the plate and the guide but maybe we’ll luck out.

      I should mention, the case # is 503602 in case you can luck out and find one.

      Uh yeah. That did come from memory. I put the cling wrap in the fridge, forgot my tea in my bag and I don’t think I had lunch today but I can give you a part number from a bobbin case for a relatively obscure sewing machine off the top of my head.

  3. The tension video is great and timely. I’m trying to make my 431G do a chain stitch. I’ve been eyeing the tension assembly with trepidation, because the pin doesn’t cause much movement, the check spring seems lazy, and the machine does not pull the thread forward when attempting a chain stitch, although it sews a nice straight stitch with no trouble at all. I’m delighted to see your chain stitch thread guide up close. My makeshift CS thread guide is probably oversized so I’ll reshape it. There is a horizontal screw hole that looks like it should accommodate a long set screw to stabilize the CS thread guide. Does your 411 have a set screw? Thanks so much for the video.

    1. Crud. I killed the first response by accident. OK,.. I think the email address I have with your post is accurate, yes? I will send you a couple of pics of the guide on my cutting mat for scale. I should get down into the studio tomorrow and hopefully will remember. :-/ Yes, the guide has a set screw. Let me poke through my screws bin and see if I can find one to fit for you.

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