Where’s that post from last week?

I made a few changes to the site in the last week or so.

  • I changed the Pinterest plugin we were using, because the new one offers a lot more and better functionality.
  • I did a little clean up on the articles, so you don’t have to scroll as much when browsing the posts.
  • I made a few security related changes, in response to the brute force attack currently going on against WordPress sites all over the world.   This is all nothing that you should see while visiting the site, but hopefully thwarting the “Bad guys” will help the speed of the site a little.  It was floundering a little under the attack and the reaction of the security software installed on the site.
    • Note:  If you have a WordPress site, I strongly recommend that you look at the security on your site.  There have been tons of articles posted on the subject of the attacks, including this one from the founder of WordPress.  In it, he makes a statement though that’s a little confusing to people, and I’ve tried to clarify it a little on my “other” site.
  • Today, I changed the way the “permalinks” to the articles are created.  I originally thought that this would only affect the articles going forward.  I was wrong.  I apologize to anyone who bookmarked any of the articles.  I assure you, all of the content is here, it’s just accessed in a slightly different way.  The easiest way to access an older post is when you get the “Page not found”  page, have a look at the address, and if it says for instance “https://www.archaicarcane.com/2013/03/followup-to-the-222-found-at-the-antique-store/ – you know that the post was made in March of 2013.  Scrolling down the page will show you “Archives”.   If you select March 2013, you will see the article you are looking for.   I will be looking in the near future for an easy way to “fix” this, so that you don’t have to do this for long,  Alternatively, you can just take the date out of the link and it will go there.  In our example above, we would remove /2013/03 leaving that last  “/” so it looks like this:  https://www.archaicarcane.com/followup-to-the-222-found-at-the-antique-store/ and then hit enter.  As of Today 2013-04-23 – all of the links that would have appeared broken for the last few days are fixed.  You can continue to browse the site using bookmarked links.  There should be no more 404 errors.  Again, I apologize, and thank you for your patience while I sorted this out.

That’s all the stuff I can think of to break for the day.  I’ll  be bringing you some new content soon, now that taxes are done, and I’m too broke as a result to go out and do other things. 😉

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